Sheep Creek Farms

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

Harvey & Jamie



Our Story

My name is Jamie Gardner. I am married to Harvey Gardner of Shaunavon, Saskatchewan where we own and operate Sheep Creek Farms. We offer grooming, boarding, training facilities for dogs and we also raise wool sheep. Harvey also works in the oilfield but evenings and weekends he can be found working and training his dog Clair and his pup Hawk. I work full-time on the farm boarding, grooming, and training dogs.

I was first introduced to border collies in 1995 and from there the dream grew. I wanted to learn to train and work dogs. I was introduced to dog sports. I participated in flyball, agility, and a bit of herding. In 2000 I became a K9 officer with a Belgian Mal Called Wiley. It was then the doors opened.

I worked for Deb Coe as a trainer’s assistant and was on many shows with various animals. In 2008 I moved to Shaunavon, Saskatchewan where my partner and I bought a farm. Unfortunately, that relationship was short lived and soon after I met Harvey and together we continued our journey.
We have developed this farm as a learning center for newbies and their dogs. Whether you are a child or an adult we offer obedience, agility, and herding classes. We host many events and make lasting memories. We bring in top trainers and host excellent seminars. We also have been able to host USBCHA events. In 2013 we hosted the Canadian Finals here which was a huge honor.

Our goal is to watch others get great information and awesome mentor ship with their dogs. We also host Stock dog nights on Wednesday this is free to all who want to learn and work their dogs on sheep. We have a passion for children to learn and feel this set up helps with this process.
I have also developed and taught the local 4H K9 program for kids to learn all the ins and outs with a dog. I love teaching children about relationship between them and their dogs. 

Please enjoy the journey with us...